Monday, 24 September 2012

What Happen today?? idah get something from my BESTFRIEND ^-^

I get WATCH!! comel HAHA tapi minta tolong beli la...nak tengok ke?huhuhu

                                                                                   ada lebah di tengah ^-^, RM 13.00 sahaja =)

Hari ini juga banyak benda kena buat seperti:

So memang kena buatla..Idah tak siapkan journa dan lejar lagi!! Masya-Allah xtau nak cakap apa hahaha..

Lagi satu sempat lagi baca novel Adam Dan Hawa hehe ^-^

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A boy that we wants!!

Since everybody talk about their love one,how can you get it when you still young?
My head think about this..because the girls must be BEAUTIFUL,HOT,SEXY or else...

In the age of young,you don't have to think about LOVE even though you fall in love..
Yes,i know is hard to accept this statement but the truth is..are the boy that you love is really become you future HUSBAND?? are you sure about this?!


Because we don't know how long we can be last for them...
Because the boys might be fall in love with other girl that better than you...
Because the boys might be "PLAYBOY"...
Because the boys can change + TO - or - TO +...
Because the boys might be passed away..

Who know's right? am i right?

You can find love in the age of 18-become old...
or find love after you finish study....

a) Respect me as muslimah and my parents
b)Understand why me always reacting so arrogant
c)Teach me about ISLAM better and better
d)Reading AL-QURAN together except when i'm in the moon
e)Accept me even i look like a nerd.. (i guess so hehe)


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Be with me..

People use to say that we are just friend that need when we in trouble,
Now it change everythings since we always share our stories.
I keep it in my heart till i die even thought in the young age,
How can i say if you not my lolly??

What the matter with me? am i stupid? surely not...
I need a friend!a True FRIEND like people use to have..

Okay~ xtau nk ost ape..merepk je hehe ^-^