Saturday, 8 November 2014


booo for myself as im so fools being treat nice until im hurt but at least is not your fault cus i just make u as a friend not more than just so easy to fall in love and yes im easy to care of you..but off im going to be who am i and Alhamdulillah im back hehe

WHAT I AM BACK? well is about who am i that i keep myself smile and don't care about the others too much as i still don't understand " i give a good care until it mean to me"  and it's u and i said "Forgive you" HAHA confirm xfhm niiiiiiiiiiii

well im just trying to say that im happy but at the same time sad ( ada laa) but not about a LOVE

well im sad about why people treat me like a jerk............why? u don't see me? yes i true bro...haha but is okay cus i know we have different personality so my personality quite different i guess

im such a childish and will act like a fussy but not too fussy i guess haha! and im a type of a person would say hello to everyone either i know or i don't know that person but not everyone just which i guess if they look interesting i would say it hehe.......... 

Im just wanna say sorry for my mistake and it's okay for you to screw me but i just and always try muself to forgive okay..we're humans so there's must be something bad happen as we need to know who can fight with this happening........... and is okay if people wanna keep away themself from okay.but if u need me just come and i always ready to help hehe :P

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