Sunday, 11 January 2015

Not too late for me to post for this new year of 2015

Assalammualaikum and Hello fellow friends hehe..well,i know is late for posting this blog since i don't played this  website haha because of busy or maybe i love more on tweeting.Okay then,let us start it with this


my wish are forgving people,make them happy or give them spirit,always smile,try to be a good daughter and a good girl (gosh kind of weird wishing this part haha) and a lot exactly...hmmm since i had been so foolish treating myself worried about people who doesn't mean to me at all -_- damn.......So i gonna start my attitude with don't care..if you treat me nice i gonna treat you more that you can't even imagine(seriously) but if you treat me bad well people use to say that "we also need to treat them bad" nope suggest is still treat them nice but don't be so nice..just forgive them act neutral...but if they are over yes ACT LIKE A HELL...hahaha hell :3 lol if people screw me up i still they for you if you need me....well if you treat me nice even you had been screw me up maybe and i will treat you the same way as i know that you or me or PEOPLE are not perfect in this world.Well,kind of nice haha but have to imagine that if you are a person that always loving people but when your environment influenced you to turn you on hating people but then you realise what you did was wrong automatically you wanna changed to be a loving person always give you a chance to change from bad to that's why i suggest that you have to forgive them and treat them nice...they are weak so do you...cheer up! you have family,friends and mostly Allah and Rasulullah hehe :P

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